Nitin H. Vaidya
McDevitt Chair
Department of Computer Science
Georgetown University


Selected Talks

  • * How to Read, Write, and Present Papers (slides) (video) Seminar at Georgetown University (October 2020). Previous talks at the University of Illinois (March 2002) and Texas A&M University (February 2001 and March 1999)
  • * Security and Privacy for Distributed Optimization and Learning,
    East Coast Optimizatiom Meeting. April 2020 (short video) ECE Graduate Seminar, Tufts University, October 2020 (slides) Keynote talk, 49th Annual IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition (AIPR) Workshop, October 2020
    Invited talk, Eighth International Conference on Networked Systems (NETYS), Marrakech, June 2020 (online due to COVID-19) (slides) (video) Math and Stat Colloquium (online), Georgetown University, March 2020 (slides)(PDF slides) CS Faculty Seminar, Georgetown University, January 2020 (slides) Talk at DC-Area Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Seminar (DCAPS), December 2019 (slides) Distinguished Lecture, CS @ Iowa State University, November 2019 (slides) Invited Seminar, CS @ Virginia Commonwealth University, October 2019
    Distinguished Speaker, CSE @ Penn State University, September 2019 (slides) Invited Seminar, ECE @ New York University (NYU), September 2019 (slides) Seminar at ECE department, IIT-Mumbai, India, May 2019 (slides) Seminar at Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, Maryland, September 2018 (slides) Invited talk, 2nd Workshop on Storage, Control, Networking in Dynamic Systems (at DISC 2018), Oct. 2018 (slides) Invited talk, DIMACS Workshop on Distributed Optimization, August 2017 (video)
  • * To Build, or Not to Build, That is the Question (slides) Invited talk, Advanced tools, programming languages, and PLatforms for Implementing and Evaluating algorithms for Distributed systems (ApPLIED), held at DISC 2019 (Budapest), October 2019
  • * Consensus, Consensus, Everywhere ... (slides) Invited talk at the Workshop on Security of Permissionless Systems, held at PODC 2019 (Toronto), August 2019
  • * How to Succeed in Academia Without Really Trying (slides) Invited talk at the NSF Aspiring CSR PIs Workshop, June 2019
  • * Multi-channel Wireless Networks: Theory to Practice (slides) Versions of this talk were presnted as Keynote or Plenary talks at COMSWARE (Bangalore), SECON (San Diego), WINLAB Research Reviews (Rutgers), REALMAN (Florence, Italy), WASA (Xi'an, China), Microsoft Research Wireless Networking Summit (Goa, India), KCIST (Seoul, Korea), as part of ComSoc Distinguished Lecture tour at San Diego Research Center (San Diego), and Aerospace Corporation (Los Angeles), and as invited talks at Intel-Portland, Nebraska Research Expo, and University of Toronto